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Team: Girls
Site: Webster Park
Distance: 3 miles

DateTypeName [last, first, grade]SchoolTimeAvg/Mile
10-2-2019League Meet RaceFerris, Maria (11)Brockport19:486:36.0
10-2-2019League Meet RaceAltobelli, Sage (10)Thomas20:056:41.7
9-17-2019League Meet RaceFerris, Maria (11)Brockport20:096:43.0
9-17-2019League Meet RaceDoody, Sierra (10)Schroeder20:156:45.0
9-17-2019League Meet RaceMagnera, Sofia (8)Schroeder20:256:48.3
10-2-2019League Meet RaceWitt, Laura (12)Thomas20:326:50.7
9-17-2019League Meet RaceSerapilio, Madison (11)Rush Henrietta20:536:57.7
10-2-2019League Meet RaceZiskind, Elena (12)Thomas20:576:59.0
9-17-2019League Meet RaceVentresca, Alexandra (11)Rush Henrietta21:097:03.0
10-2-2019League Meet RaceO'Brien, Molly (11)Thomas21:137:04.3

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